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Personal Bankruptcy

Are creditors becoming troublesome to you?
Are the never-ending assortments of collection letters and phone calls from creditors or collection agencies causing you extra anxiety and stress?
Are you living on your credit through credit cards or payday loans?
Are you incapable of keeping up to your minimum monthly payments?
Are you being hunted down to pay off government debt?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are by no means alone. In 2007 over 79,000 Canadians were in these same crippling financial situations and found relief by filing bankruptcy. Another 19,000 Canadians developed proposals to creditors to settle their debts.

Filing bankruptcy or developing proposals to your creditors is your individual choice based upon your personal situation. You could find yourself in financial trouble due to the loss of a job, a divorce, unexpected property costs, medical difficulties, a gambling addiction, substance abuse, or poor money managing skills.

We understand that there are many reasons people file bankruptcy or develop proposals to creditors because of unfortunate circumstances. We will direct you through this complicated time with understanding and compassion. G. MOROSO & ASSOCIATES INC. is here to help you to assess your situation and take the best possible action on your behalf.

PDF Icon Click Here To Download, "Dealing With Debt A Consumer's Guide."

If you wish to get started on your personal situation or circumstance, call or contact us for your free consultation today.

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